Art Direction and Visual Design


I am a visual storyteller and problem solver. I take broad, complex content and deliver concise and powerful messages through design. I am a professional, a creative, a manager of people & projects, personable, and proud of the work I do.

Coming to you live from New York City... the home of art and inspiration in many forms!

Coming to you live from New York City... the home of art and inspiration in many forms!

A little more about me...

I have been a visual person since birth.  As a daughter of an artist/art teacher, I was exposed to color palettes, painting, letter writing, crafts, and just a general premise that "art" is what you make. Creativity is a part of my gene pool.

In college I decided to be a writer, yet another form of art I explored growing up. I chose a less traditional route with a concentration in Business and Technical Writing. In those studies I discovered graphics, and that stories can be told through images just as effectively as words.  

My first job was at a computer networking company where I saw the AutoCad folks making giant large scale graphic designs for clients. I was fascinated and determined! I stayed after work almost every night to master the software, eventually being promoted to AutoCad Designer. The trajectory of my career path was now set in the graphics realm.   

After many years of diverse on the job experience in digital media, website production management, freelance work for a variety of clients from make-up artists to television producers, and a director role for a iconic children's brand, I perfected the most important skill a designer and art director can have... I am a visual guardian of a brand. Be it an existing brand or the conception of a new business, I can extrapolate that brand through every piece of work I put my grubby little adobe creative suite obsessed hands on.  




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